Malaysia, Truly Asia

Traveling alone is one of my goals this year. I also wanted to visit a country without knowing anything or doing research beforehand. I decided to try these out in Malaysia.

So why Malaysia? Well, for one, it has a lot of places to go to. There’s Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang, etc. Second, the transport system is pretty okay. As much as possible, I want easy access to public transport in case I get lost in my first trip alone. Lastly, I heard the food is good. Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s seat sales, I was able to book cheap flights to Malaysia.

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Hohol in Bohol: Amarela Beach Resort

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to stay in Bohol, I recommend staying at Amarela Beach Resort. It is located in Panglao Island which is around 20 minutes away from the Tagbilaran Airport. My friends and I immediately fell in love with the place upon arriving.

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Mt.Pulag: Push Yourself to the Limit

Back when I was in college, I’ve always been curious what fun can be experienced in hiking. There’s even an organization devoted to hiking and climbing mountains. I always see their pictures in Facebook and everybody seems to be enjoying. Even after graduating, I have some colleagues whose hobbies include hiking. I’ve heard many raves about Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Maculot, Mt. Pulag to list a few. Being curious, I included hiking as part of my 2012 to-do-list.

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Around GenSan

Since I was sort of in a “business” trip, I didn’t really have the luxury of time to go to the well known place in South Cotabato like Lake Sebu. I guess I’ll just go there next time. Nevertheless, we had a few hours roaming around GenSan.

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Magandang GenSan

Magandang GenSan” or Beautiful GenSan is how the locals of General Santos greet you upon your arrival in the southern part of the Philippines. When greeted, you greet back by cheering “Wow, GenSan!” The city is well known for being the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. However, aside from having the freshest seafood in the country, GenSan is also a top producer of livestock namely hogs, poultry, and cattle.

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